KØFI Bleak Pintail
KØFI Bleak Pintail
KØFI Bleak Pintail
KØFI Bleak Pintail

KØFI Bleak Pintail




The #LMAB KØFI Bleak Pintail is a really good imitation of a bleak. These slim little fish are the main prey for many predatory fish in many waters. It is therefore not surprising that the #LMAB KØFI Bleak Shad is also extremely catchy. The faithfully modeled fins and the 3D eyes emphasize the realistic overall impression and reliably seduce especially zander and perch. Due to the long pintail, they make excellent Drop Shot baits, but of course they can also be used in the classic way on a Jig Head in case the predators want a little more action. The 7 cm variant is especially interesting in spring when many young bleaks and other young fish are on the move in the water, the 11 & 15 cm variant are absolutely capable of catching bigger species and are also excellent as trailers for the two sizes of the Multi Vibe!

Bleak Pintail is available in 3 sizes (7, 11 & 15 cm) and in the following decors:

The color range of the Bleak Pintail:
  • Electric Chicken - ideal in murky waters (high UV activity)
  • Real Bleak - realistic bleak imitation. Perfect in clear waters. (UV active fins)
  • Purple Rave - very contrasting. Catches in clear and murky waters (high UV activity)
  • Champagne - very natural clear water color

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