La Moustique Spinning
La Moustique Spinning
La Moustique Spinning
La Moustique Spinning
La Moustique Spinning
La Moustique Spinning

La Moustique Spinning

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The LMAB La Moustique Spinning rods are as light as a mosquito. This rod series is perfect for UL and finesse fishing for perch, trout, asp and zander. The feather-light blanks are made of high-quality 24T carbon fiber.

The actions of the individual rod models have been designed according to their individual purpose, so there is a suitable model for almost every fishing technique. All rods are equipped with stainless steel SIC guides, so that any line can be used and even very long casts can be made precisely.

The modern split handle made of high-quality EVA is not only an eye-catcher, but is also extremely comfortable to hold. The reel seat allows direct contact with the blank and thus ensures the best possible feedback.

As a special feature, the top three ring wraps are brightly colored, which simplifies visual bite detection.

The entire LMAB La Moustique offers fantastic performance at a really exciting price.

Model casting weight action length Weight parts target fish
1 - 7g
top action
1.98 m
78g two-piece perch
LM-S198L 2 - 10g top action
1.98 m
LM-S198ML 4 - 14g top action
1.98 m
85g two-piece perch
LM-S198M 7 - 21g
top action 1.98 m 95g two-piece perch, zander
LM-S210SUL 0.5-6g parabolic 2.10m 82g two-piece Trout
LM-S210UL 1 - 7g parabolic 2.10m 85g two-piece Trout
LM-S225UL 1 - 7g top action 2.25m 98g two-piece perch
LM-S225ML 4 - 14g top action 2.25m 100 g two-piece perch
LM-S225M 7 - 21g top action 2.25m 109g two-piece perch, zander

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