Drunk Dancer
Drunk Dancer
Drunk Dancer
Drunk Dancer
Drunk Dancer
Drunk Dancer

Drunk Dancer




This lure has it all - awesome action even at slow retrieve speeds, top decors, balanced rubber composition and a cutout on the head for perfect presentation on the jighead make the Drunk Dancer an absolute weapon on all types of predatory fish.

Mounted on a jighead, the Drunk Dancer can be dragged across the bottom like other softbaits to attract mainly zander and perch. Due to the special notch on the front part of the softbait, round jigheads almost merge with the Drunk Dancer, providing not only a perfect fit, but also a more natural presentation! But also on the offset hook this double tail twister does very well, especially in the weeds or shallow water, the bait can be used for pike fishing without constantly collecting underwater growth.

The 3D pectoral fins and the inserted eyes in combination with the appealing designs give this softbait a highly realistic and irressistable appearance.

The Drunk Dancer is available in 2 sizes (15 & 23 cm) and each in the following colors:


    • Esox Emil
    • Tropicana Tina
    • Cappucino Clara
    • Straciatella Sara
    • Holy Helmut
    • Galaxy Gabi

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