Finesse Filet Tube (TPE)
Finesse Filet Tube (TPE)
Finesse Filet Tube (TPE)
Finesse Filet Tube (TPE)

Finesse Filet Tube (TPE)




The LMAB Finesse Filet TPE Tube in 5 cm was one of the first LMAB lures made of TPE. This material is extremely elastic, robust and almost indestructible. Lures made from this material are designed to withstand many attacks and Tubes are known to drive perch crazy. Although one of the most popular lures in the U.S., it is still used far too little in european countries. But those who know how good these lures are, catch accordingly, since predators in our waters don't know it yet and therefore take it willingly.

The LMAB Finesse Filet TPE Tube can be used for different presentations. Whether on the classic jighead, on the Drop Shot Rig, on the Cheburashka or even on the Ned Rig, the Tube always cuts a fine figure. Since TPE floats, it is a floating lure that also works quite good on rigs like the Carolina Rig. Here, the angler's willingness to experiment is called for, and success will prove him right.

The Finesse Filet TPE Tube is available in the following 4 colors:

  • UV Kiwi
  • Purple Smog
  • Milk & Honey
  • Traffic Light
ATTENTION: Please do NOT store TPE baits together with other softbaits! TPE baits are free from plasticizers and are literally dissolved by other baits. Therefore, please store them separately and preferably in their packaging!

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