Finesse Filet Worm (TPE)
Finesse Filet Worm (TPE)
Finesse Filet Worm (TPE)
Finesse Filet Worm (TPE)

Finesse Filet Worm (TPE)




The LMAB Finesse Filet TPE Worm is a finesse worm with a twister tail. It is the second of the new TPE baits and just as robust, elastic and indestructible as the Tube. The TPE Worm is available in 3 different lengths of 6, 12 and 15 cm, all of which are ideal for perch fishing. Even hand-sized perch can easily inhale these worms. In addition, the 6 cm version is also very good for trout fishing, while the two larger TPE Worms are likely to entice zander, and sometimes even pike as bycatch.

This lure works very well on the Ned Rig, but also on the Cheburashka Rig, the Drop Shot Rig and traditional jigheads. The material is floating, but the tail also contains an air chamber that allows the bait to float extra well.

ATTENTION : Please do NOT keep TPE baits together with other softbaits ! TPE baits are free from plasticizers and will literally be dissolved by the other baits. Therefore please keep it separately and preferably in the packaging!

The TPE Worm is available in 3 sizes (6, 12 & 15 cm) and each in the following colors:

  • UV kiwi
  • Purple Smog
  • Milk & Honey
  • Traffic Light

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