Tungsten Offset Jig

Tungsten Offset Jig




The Tungsten Offset Jig from LMAB enables no-loss fishing in underwater terrain prone to snagging! Thanks to its higher density, the Tungsten head brings the bait quickly and weed-free to the bottom of the water and, because of its low volume, it is also unsusceptible to getting stuck when it is retrieved. The offset hook is needle sharp and thick-wired enough to hook and direct even large fish safely to the net. The head is painted in the color "green pumpkin" and has a printed weight indication.

The LMAB Tungsten Offset Jig is available in three hook sizes (2/0, 3/0 & 4/0) and 4 weights (3.5 g; 5.3 g; 7.2 g & 10.6 g) and are 100% lead free and non-toxic.

Package content: 2 pieces

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