Tungsten Round Jig

Tungsten Round Jig




The LMAB Round Jig is a high quality tungsten jig. The sasame hook is durable and has a matte finish. It penetrates the fish's mouth even easier and remanins sharp for a long time, even if it comes into contact with stones. Burrs and edges are nowhere to be found and the hook is anchored completely wobble-free. The small wire bait holder securely holds any softbait while not destroying even delicate ones.

The head is painted in unobtrusive Green Pumpkin and the imprint immediately reveals the weight of the head. Thanks to the high density of the material, the LMAB Round Jig brings all softbaits quickly to depth and gives optimal feedback about the structure of the water bottom.

Jigheads don't get any better than this. Of course, like all LMAB Tungsten products, it is 100% lead-free and non-toxic.

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